How do I fix long running script on Windows 10?

If PC still can’t boot properly, follow the steps below. Windows XP does have a write-back bug for large drives where it can sometimes corrupt files. Not sure if Vista or Windows 7 have this problem? I just wonder if these two issues are related. Also the drive has an 8 MB cache and maybe the machine powers down two quickly before the disk has had enough time to write the cache to disk?

Click the option to add features and locate the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience option. Change its properties by right-clicking its entry either on the Desktop, the Start menu, or the search results window. Locate any files starting with discord_ from the virus chest. In this case, whitelisting the software from the antivirus is the best solution.

Remove USB Flash drives

Also, if your system is trying to access any file that no longer exists, it can lead to this error. If there is an issue with your system’s BIOS settings, then this will fix it. Turn on your computer and keep pressing the BIOS key, which can be F10, F12, F2, DELETE, etc. Once you enter the BIOS window, press F9 to Driversol restore the default settings.

  • The Windows DISKPART utility is also discussed here in part.
  • Make a selection depending on whether your file system format in the drive is “NTFS” or “FAT” .
  • When prompted, select the option to schedule the disk check, and then restart your computer.

Select the Library icon at the lower left of the window. On older versions of the Microsoft Store, open the Store menu and select Downloads and updates instead. Windows 10 includes a built-in troubleshooter that automatically deals with errors related to apps belonging to the Microsoft Store .

If there’s any file system structural corruption of your disks, the FAT_File_System error might also occur. The CHKDSK utility will try to repair bad sectors it found. Windows should then scan all your system file and recover any corrupted one if detects. Once it’s done, reboot your computer to see if the error disappear.

How to Disable Vbs in Windows 11 and Improve Game Performance

While your Task Manager is open, you should also check your disk usage percentage, which is shown in the Disk column. If you consistently find it hovering close to 100%, you need to identify the disk usage issue and fix it. Easily manage your disk partitions with this trusted software. Boot into advanced recovery and click on «Advanced Options». Microsoft added SMB compression to the new server OS to reduce bottlenecks when transferring files with Windows-based file shares. When the computer is starting up, immediately press the F8 This should trigger Windows to display the Advance Startup Options menu.

After all, do restart your Windows and check for an error message. Before starting this guide let me clear you that this fix will not entirely fix this error message. This will only disable the notification of error message. If you are fade up with notification then go with this guide.

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